Storm Damage in Savage, MN

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Storm Damage in Savage, MN

When a storm blows through Savage, it can leave various kinds of damage behind, including to your home or office building. Storm damage can take the form of wind where shingles blow off your roof to a more catastrophic event where a tornado hits your home or office.

No matter what kind of storm damage you are facing, Exteriors Plus can help. Our team has years of experience in helping both homeowners and business owners with storm damage restoration services. From a simple siding repair to a whole roof replacement, we've got your needs covered. Call us for a free inspection of your property in Savage today!

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  • Hail damage. The most obvious type of damage from hail is dents, bruises, and holes left in your roof, gutters, or siding. Hail can crack your siding, requiring the entire panel to be replaced. If your roof shingles have been pummelled, their integrity has been compromised. This means any further storm, even a rain storm, won't protect your home or office from leaks.

  • Wind damage. Wind has the power to whisk items away, especially roof shingles. If your roof is older, roof shingles may have become loose. This is where significant damage can occur to your roof as these shingles are removed easily by heavy wind.

  • Damage from an ice storm. An ice storm can cause severe damage to your roof and gutters. When ice is frozen, it can be heavy. Ice can then hang from your gutters and shingles, effectively pulling both off. Roofs have even been known to collapse due to the weight of the ice storm.

  • Damage from a lightning strike. If your home or office building takes a direct hit during a lightning storm, it can cause a hole in your roof, sear the roofing materials and cause a fire, and severely damage your attic. Lightning can also tear off your shingles and gutters.

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Exteriors Plus offers storm damage inspections services in Savage, Minnesota. No matter what type of storm has blown through, we'll inspect every square inch of your siding, windows, roof, gutters, and other exterior features. We'll help with insurance claims so you can get your home or office back in functional shape in no time. Call for a free inspection today!

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