Siding Repair or Siding Replacement That Looks Amazing And Lasts (almost) Forever

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Vinyl Siding

Inexpensive, low maintenance, and doesn't need paint.

Vinyl siding is an easy go-to material for keeping the guts of your house protected and keeping the outside looking great.

It's a critical piece of the "Minnesota Mullet."

What's that? It's where you use vinyl on the side and back of your house (because it's cheap and low maintenance and not too many people are looking there) and then use a premium siding on the front.

High class up front, cheap and easy in the back.

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Metal Siding

Not so cheap, but incredibly long-lasting and durable.

But your house doesn't have to look like a metal spatula with metal siding. Exteriors Plus can install metal siding that looks like wood, stone, or other natural materials.

You won't regret spending a little extra on metal siding. Your exterior will weather the elements better than a US Navy ship can handle a bb gun.

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Wood Siding

A classic look to give your home true character.

There's a reason wood siding has been around for as long as man has been building houses.

It looks amazing and with a little bit of maintenance, will last a very long time.

It typically comes in planks, panels, boards, shingles, and clapboards.