Why are Roofs so Expensive?

When you’re taking a look at your home improvement projects that need addressing, roof replacements and roof repairs are ones you're probably dreading the most. It’s common for both homeowners and business owners in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas to be reluctant to address roofing issues because of how expensive it can be. Why exactly does it cost so much? Exteriors Plus’ roofing contractors in Savage, MN are explaining all the facets that go into your final roofing cost, and how taking care of issues now is actually less expensive than waiting until issues get worse.

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Roofing contractors are similar to every other business, in that in order to service a client, certain materials need to be sought after and purchased. While roofs from Exteriors Plus can be created with different types of shingles, wood, tile, asphalt, and metal, the bottom line is that these materials need to be acquired before improvements can be made on your residential or commercial roof. The prices of these materials can fluctuate (especially if they’re popular and there is shortage) which can also result in a more expensive roof. At Exteriors Plus, our roofing contractors strive to provide the best possible product for our clients that will last for years to come, and this includes using the best materials possible.

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Another very important aspect of business, no matter what type, is factoring in labor cost. Exteriors Plus’ roofing contractors have over twenty years’ worth of experience serving the Twin Cities area, handling everything from education, to insurance, to service claims, and of course, constructing a brand new roof. The labor cost must be factored into the overall cost of providing you with a new residential or commercial roof, so our business can continue to help as many clients as possible. We are committed to ensuring well-educated, professional persons are working on your home or business, as opposed to inexperienced laborers.

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When you are doing prior research on roofing contractors near your Savage MN home, it’s important to look for ones that bill themselves as being licensed and insured. This functions as critical protection in the event of an emergency, and to ensure all your roofing repairs or replacement are performed at a high-quality and with attention to detail. As our Exteriors Plus staff explains, this insurance actually indirectly factors a little bit into the overall cost of your roof, as it’s important for our roofing contractors to be protected in case something occurs on the worksite. This is a necessary expense on both our part and your part, as it helps us get your roof finished in 24 hours.

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Large Upfront Cost For Long-Term Value

New roofs are expensive, we know, but in truth it’s a project with a large upfront cost and high long-term value. While it may seem like you’re paying a lot initially for the residential or commercial roof, your Savage, MN area home or business will use that energy-efficient roof for the next several decades, adding significant value to the property. Not only that, but taking care of essential repairs now, as opposed to later, with the help of our roofing contractors is likely to be less expensive than if the issues progress and cause even more damage.

Take Care Of Your Property With Exteriors Plus’ Roofing Contractors

Roof repairs, or entirely new roofs, can indeed be costly in the moment, but that should be viewed as essential maintenance, protecting your family and employees from the elements. If you’re not sure whether it’s time to consult a roofing contractor, Exteriors Plus can help identify any potential issues and provide recommendations. Read through our FAQs now and learn more about choosing the right roofer for you!